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Below are all the available options for the JOIN Flat 4G plans.

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DATA TURBO in Europe

Enjoy TURBO speed in Europe: up to 50 Mbps in download and 10 Mbps in upload!

* If these options are enabled on a Pay As You GO, Small and Small + subscription for a period of 30 days, the prices are 10 € (Small), 15 € (Medium), 20 € (Large), 40 € Large Addict) and 55 € (XLarge). Volume in the US and Canada is available with AT & T and T-Mobile for the US, BELL Mobility and Telus Communications for Canada. For other operators, the non-fixed rate applies and is not deducted from the fixed price.

New GIGAspeed option: up to 225 Mbps in national download!

Also need a higher upload speed? Add the GIGAspeed+ option and get up to 50 Mbps upload!

* The GIGAspeed option must be added to a TURBO DATA NATIONAL option, and the GIGAspeed + option requires the GIGAspeed option to be enabled.

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