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These options can be added to your tariff either from your MyJoin account or by visiting an Experience Centre.

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DATA TURBO in Europe

Enjoy TURBO speed in Europe: up to 50 Mbps in download and 10 Mbps in upload!

* If these options are enabled on a Start, Pay As You GO, Small and Small + subscription for a period of 1 month, the prices are 10 € (Small), 15 € (Medium), 20 € (Large), 40 € Large Addict) and 55 € (XLarge). ** Volume in the US and Canada is available with AT&T and T-Mobile for the US, BELL Mobility and Telus Communications for Canada. For other operators, the non-fixed rate applies and is not deducted from the fixed price.
SMS in Europe
The included SMS are valid for messages in Luxembourg, from Luxembourg to Europe and SMS from Europe to Europe. Unused SMS are not carried over to the next month.
Calls in Europe
The included minutes are valid for calls in Luxemburg, from Luxemburg to Europe and calls from Europe to Europe. Unused minutes are not carried over to the next month.
Other options

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