Fiber@Home / VDSL@Home M

Enjoy a faster download of your files. Perfect for Regular Internet users.


per month


Fiber (or VDSL if Fiber is not available at home address)

Download Speed up to 50 Mbps*

Upload speed up to 10 Mbps*

Unlimited data volume with Flat 4G subscription, otherwise 30 GB/month(2)


WIIZBOX Wireless Modem Router Included. €6.99 per month. Details


Activations fees 

New installation

39 euro for a 24 months contract 0 euro for a 24 months contract
69 euro for a 12 months contract 29 euro for a 12 months contract


Additional installation costs for internal wiring (if required) depend on the current in-house existing cabling.  Please check on the prices here.


Either dynamic or static IP (optional)

  • Silver: Public IP dynamic - 2,00€/month, no setup fee
  • Gold 1: Public IP static - 29,25€/month, 112€ setup fee
  • Gold 2: /30 subnet (2 hosts) + 1 static IP - 81,90€/month, 112€ setup fee
  • Gold 3: /29 subnet (6 hosts) + 1 static IP - 99,45€/month, 112€ setup fee

With JOIN, you don't have to wait for your Broadband installation to surf. When subscribing to a Broadband offer, you get a free SIM card with 300 MB Data per month, free of charge, for national use. Surf for free, at home or on the move, anywhere in Luxembourg!


Discover our HOME LINE options, which includes calls to fixed lines and mobile numbers in Luxembourg, and to fixed lines in the Europe zone. Included: Total of 1000 minutes for calls under 61 minutes, excluding special numbers. (Out of tariff: € 0.05/ min fixed to mobile, € 0.015 / 0.03 / min fixed to fixed)

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* The maximum possible speed is subject to the technical provisions of the network and the user's internal installation and so cannot be guaranteed.

2) Subject to a Fair Usage Policy: maximum amount is plan volume + 500 GB (520 GB for FIBER@Home S, 530 GB for FIBER@Home M and 550 GB for FIBER@Home L)

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