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Enjoy an ultra-fast download on multiple devices at the same time. Perfect for Demanding users or Professionals.


per month *

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Optical Fiber Connection

Download Speed up to 100 Mbps(1)

Upload speed up to 50 Mbps(1)

UNLIMITED data volume(2)


WIIZBOX Wireless Modem Router included from €3.99 per month (3)Details

Rental and modem management Fritz!box 7360, 24 months: €    3.99 /month                                               
Rental and modem management Fritz!box 7360, 12 months €    6.99 /month  
Rental and modem management Fritz!box 7490, 24 months: €    6.99 /month      
Rental and modem management Fritz!box 7490, 12 months: €    9.99 /month    
Buy Fritz!box 7360: €  89.99   
Buy Fritz!box 7490: €199.00     
Modem Management fee: €    0.99 /month              
Activation & Installation(4)  24 month commitment: €​149
Activation & Installation(4) 12 month commitment: €199
Migration, Change of address or technology: same as Activation & Installation     
Cancellation fee: €89
Internet Direct (5) 20GB/ month: INCLUDED
Internet Backup 15 GB/ year: €  7.50/ month
Dynamic or static IP  
Silver  - Public IP dynamic: €   2     /month, no set up fee     
Gold 1 - Public static IP: € 29.25/month, €112 set up fee
Gold 2 - /30 subnet (2 hosts) + 1 static IP: € 81.90/month, €112 set up fee
Gold 3 - /29 subnet (6 hosts) + 1 static IP: € 99.45/month, €112 set up fee
Family Bonus: +1 GB per mobile subscription

A shared bundle of mobile data for the whole family! +1 GB mobile data in the EU per month per signed subscription (6)

Internet Direct!

Thanks to JOIN's 4G network, you immediately have access to the Internet from the moment you have subscribed to one of our offers! (5)


Discover our HOME LINE options which include calls to fixed lines and mobile numbers in Luxembourg, and to fixed numbers in Europe. Including a total of 1000 minutes, excluding special numbers. (Out of bundle tariff: €0.05/min fixed to mobile; €0.015 - €0.03/min fixed to fixed line)


Thanks to our 4G data key for 7.50 per month, enjoy 15GB per year to stay connected in case of problems. 

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* ) Tariff valid until the 31st of May 2018: discount given for the whole duration of the subscription (24 or 12 months).

**) The promotion is valid for new broadband subscriptions activated during 17 January - 31 May 2018, together with a mobile subscription FLAT 4G M or higher, with a contract duration of 24 months. 

***) The promotion is valid for new Broadband@HOME or LTE@HOME contracts in combination with a HOME LINE ADDICT fixed offer activated during the period 17 January to 31 May 2018, for a commitment period of 24 months. The discount is valid for the first 6 months of the contract  (BROADBAND@HOME) or the first 3 months of the contract (LTE@HOME). The first month is prorated. After this period, the tariff will be readjusted according to the plan’s monthly fee (€ 19.99 / month) unless the customer requests a change of the tariff plan. The promotion can be combined with all current promotions.

1) The maximum possible speed is subject to the technical provisions of the network and the user's internal installation and so cannot be guaranteed.

2) In case of network congestion, the 3% of customers who use the most data volume per month, may notice a decrease in network speed.

3) Or €0.99 / month modem support fee if you already have a compatible modem. All modem (Wiizbox) not returned at the end of the contract will be charged to the amount of €79.00 (Fritz!box 7360) or €119 (Fritz!box 7490).

4) Activation & Installation pack includes: activation, installation configuration by a technician at your home. Cabling fees excluded.  

5) Internet Direct is based on LTE@home S and is not usable after 3 months, unless the Backup option is added. 

6) To benefit from the Family Bonus + 1GB,  you must have subscribed to a Broadband@home or LTE@home subscription as well as a JOIN mobile subscription. The Family Bonus applies from FLAT 4G L or more for  the 1st user, a FLAT 4G M subscription or more for the 2nd user and a START subscription or higher for the 3rd user. The Family Bonus applies to each eligible subscription and can be shared among all users. The Family Bonus +1GB for START is limited to 3 users. All subscriptions must be under one customer account.

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