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JOIN is more than just a national mobile provider - they are a player on European level. JOIN combines extremely attractive tariffs with increasingly innovative products and services. Their main aim is to make hyper connectivity more accessible all over Europe. Dare to be different!


JOIN continuously offers state-of-the-art technology, such as 4G, with exceptional tariff solutions. Thanks to our flexible and combinable deals, we can always offer you exactly what you need. Even temporarily.


Fixed internet in a different way. You can take out an ultra high-speed internet subscription between 30 and 100 Mbps without having to take out line rental. Bundle our internet, mobile and VOIP deals for prices that blow the competition right out of the water.


Take advantage of our simple and reliable Cloud services. Thanks to our high quality network and extremely well-developed 4G coverage, you can access your files and personal data wherever and whenever you want.

Prepaid Banana SIM

Express yourself the way you want with this groovy revolutionary prepaid flat. Press play!


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Do you have a suggestion or a question? Then contact our technical support team on


The mobile communication magazine that will keep you up-to-date with innovations.


A personal customer section that can be accessed whenever you want from any of your devices.

Latest news

April 09, 2015


you can now use the 4G networks of Mobistar, BASE & Proximus when roaming in Belgium

JOIN commits!


Join Experience engages in your daily life and supports Basketball in Luxembourg.

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Prime Racing

Prime Racing's Ginetta, Belgium Champion of 2014, is wearing JOIN's colours.

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